4 Essential Safety Tips To Repair Garage Door Springs

Garage doors are made up of different parts that coordinate with one another to open and close the doors. However, springs are considered the most crucial component of the garage doors as they are responsible for creating a counterforce that allows the door to open and close smoothly. If your garage door springs are broken, then the door can’t open. However, you should never wait to replace a

broken garage door spring  repair because it can pose a danger to you and your family. A professionally trained expert should replace a broken garage door spring as the DIY method is fraught with problems. Safety should be the foremost thing that should be considered during the repairing process of a garage door spring. Here are four safety tips to consider while repairing garage door springs. 

Vacant the worksite

When repairing a garage door spring, you need to work at a specific height using different tools, and these tools might fall and break the windshield of your car. So, it’s better to park your vehicle away from the garage to avoid any kind of accident. Clearing all the obstacles present near the garage door would help technicians to repair it with more efficiency. 

Securing the garage door shaft

Using a professional for the replacement of garage door springs is best because they can find the exact measurements for the spring that needs to be replaced. Additionally, a garage door shaft needs to be secured properly by a garage door technician for the spring to operate and the door to open correctly. Using a wrong-sized size spring can cause excessive movement and damage the door. 


Maintain a safe zone while handling the garage door springs

The new garage door installation Greeley experts suggest keeping a proper distance from the winding bar while changing a broken spring because it can snap back and cause injury. The rotational force generated by a spring possesses a significant amount of energy, and the chances of them slipping out from your hands are high. Expert technicians are experienced with these situations, so allowing them to handle the repair would be smart. 

Importance of winding bars 

Before winding or unwinding the garage door spring, make sure you have a strong enough winding bar. Winding bars are essential because they help place the spring into place to operate the garage door. A garage door repair expert uses many different sized winding bars to match the type of spring they are installing. 

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New Garage Door Installation Greeley Colorado

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Whether you are planning to replace your garage door before selling your property or just want to update the look of your home, you will find out quickly that updating your garage door is the best investment you can make to enhance the curb appeal of your property. Once you have decided to move forward, you should contact a company that specializes in new garage door installations. The process begins with a garage door consultation, which includes the measurement and selection of a garage door, followed by an installation that will give a whole new look to your garage and home.

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Broken Spring Replacement Greeley Colorado

Looking for a great company to get your garage door broken spring repair Greeley CO. At Garage Door Repair Greeley, we handle every type of garage door and we provide broken spring repair service and garage door spring replacement. We work with the top brands including LiftMaster, Genie, Craftsman, Chamberlain, Amarr, and many others.  Our knowledgeable and highly skilled technicians can help determine the right type of garage door spring repair or replacement to fit the make and model of your garage door.

Garage Door Broken Spring Service

We are experts in garage door broken spring repair service.  If your garage door isn’t opening properly, is getting jammed or off track, then it may be time to replace the spring.  Our expert technicians can come out the same day, access your garage door problem, provide a solution, and fix or install a new garage door spring.  With over 40 different sizes and makes of garage door springs in stock, we can fix any problem quickly and professionally.  We offer our garage door broken spring service 24 hours a day, seven days a week at affordable prices that no one can beat.

Garage Door Spring Replacement

There are many reasons why garage door springs wears out.  Regular wear, rust and poor maintenance are some of the reasons why a garage door spring has a limited life.  A standard garage door spring lasts about 15 thousand cycles, which gives it a lifecycle of 5–7 years.  So if your garage door won’t open properly or you can see that the spring is broken, we have expert technicians that will come out the same day to fix or install a new garage door spring.

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Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair Services in Greeley

For most commercial and residential properties, the garage door is the largest entry point in the building. With constant use, a garage door and its parts will wear out over time. When this occurs, garage door repair services become necessary.As you know, residential and commercial garage doors vary in many different ways. Typically, commercial doors are subjected to more wear and tear in comparison to the residential ones. As a business owner, if you feel your garage door is not functioning properly then immediately seek commercial garage door repair service to address the issue quickly and have the problem solved.

In addition to repair services, our professionals also provide a large range of services that includes installing new doors, installation of garage door openers, maintenance, and other services.

Some common garage door problems that you cannot afford to ignore:

Opener problems
In some cases, a garage door opener suddenly stops working. It could be that your garage door is not responding to the remote or keypad, or the garage door fails to open or close completely. There are multiple reasons why this can occur. Our expertly trained technicians can easily diagnose the problem and provide a solution so that your garage door can start working again.

Metal track issues
It is very important to keep the metal tracks clean so that a garage door can open and close properly. Garage doors can get jammed due to the blockage on the tracks, thus creating safety and operating issues. While cleaning a track is an easy task, aligning a track back to their original position needs professional assistance.

Garage Door Spring Issues
The proper functioning of garage doors depends on the efficiency of the torsion springs. Broken springs misbalance the weight of the door and as a result, it may fail to open or close properly. In order for the garage door to function again, the springs need to be fixed or replaced. Our technicians have years of experience with garage door springs and can provide residential garage door repair service to fit your budget.

Use us for your residential garage door repair service
Our garage door repair technicians begin by examining your garage door to determine the source of the problem. We will then recommend the best repair options and solutions that will fit your budget. Typically, most repair issues can be completed by us in a couple of hours.

Feel free to contact Garage door repair Greeley to enjoy same-day garage door repair service or emergency repair service at affordable prices.